Lauren Crawford

​ Degreed Nutritionist & Health Specialist.



Who needs a Nutritionist?


EVERY single person should talk with a Nutritionist at least once a year. If you've suffered from any of the symptoms below, you will greatly benefit.


SYMPTOMS of not having a balanced diet:


mood swings

low energy

poor sleep


excess weight

intestinal disorders

poor concentration

frequent colds


food cravings

decreased circulation

women: irregular peroids, decreased fertility

men: erectile disfunction


brittle nails & hair






Our Philosophy is guided by our motto:

"Relax, it's Just Food"


There are so many conflicting messages and opinions out there when it comes to WHAT you should eat, WHEN you should eat, HOW you should eat, and it can quickly become overwhelming. Relax, it's actually not that complicated. First step, schedule a consultation.

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