Nutrition Plans

Life Improvement


This plan helps you establish lifelong healthy eating habits. You get fun, easy, healthy recipes that you love, thus making the plan easier to implement, satisfying to follow, and sustainable. This is the right plan for you if you want to learn how to clean up your daily food choices with the focus being on your energy and how you feel.

Focus your ATTENTION: Sometimes you just need motivation, inspiration, and simplified living to balance out your hectic life. There is nothing better than waking up vibrant in the morning, feeling energetic all day, and falling asleep feeling accomplished.

Many times, improving your diet and making smarter food choices will result in weight loss if you have a few extra pounds to lose. Whether you're naturally smaller framed or larger framed, healthy eating will improve your life, improve your health, and give you that balance you're looking for.


Great for those who suffer from or have a family history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, IBD, food allergies, sleep apnea, or any other chronic or pre-chronic illness. Boosting your immune system and getting yourself to a healthy place means less medications, less physical & mental stress, and less people eye-ing you when you do want to splurge.

Quick Weight Loss


If you have real determination, this plan will deliver visible results fast! A great kick-start and boost before incorperating a balanced nutrition-based lifestyle diet. Perfect if you want to lose weight for a special event or vacation that's right around the corner. If you want to lose weight and understand that discipline over motivation will get you there but need some accountability to achieve your goal, then this is the plan for you!


Focus your ATTENTION: This plan is no-nonsense! Seriously! This is not a a long term plan. If you want to lose weight but want a maintainable approach where food groups are not eliminated then let me suggest the LIFE IMPROVEMENT plan.



  • Sheds the pounds FAST

  • Quick, noticeable results

  • Simple, structured, direct meal plan

  • Reusable before any big event


Want help deciding which Nutrition Plan fits you best?

Family Nutrition


It's never too early or too late to learn how to eat healthfully. This plan teaches the entire family how to eat right and feel better: infants, young children, teens, and adults. Learn techniques to get your children to choose and eat fresh fruits and vegetables while learning timesaving Tips & Tricks will be your life saver!


Your family learns from you. Your habits are their habits. Get everyone on board! Family support is the greatest tool we have for success.


Focus your ATTENTION: Weight Loss for children and young adults: Children under the age of 16 cannot use the same weight loss techniques as a full grown adult. Their bodies are still growing, still needing essential nutrients for their mind, physical self, and hormones. It's important to teach healthy eating to boost self-esteem, confidence, energy, emotional stability, and show positive support. If you have a family member who needs special attention, this is the best approach so they don't feel they are being singled out.


There is no more crutial time to focus on your Nutrition than when a growing life is involved. If you're trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding, Mommy & Baby health should be your top priority. (Daddys, you're important too! Your influence and support is the most important of this new journey.)
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Sport Performance



Just like all bodies are not the same, all food is not created equal. Eating MORE doesn't mean it will result in being bigger, stronger, and tougher. Drinking 10 protein shakes and eating Muscle Bars all day will do nothing to help you achieve your goals of being mistaken for a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.  "Bulking up" by eating everything you can get your hands on will only go one of two ways: #1 you stay skinny but now your internal organs suffer from the garbage food you're consuming OR #2 you gained muscle!... but it's hidden under that gut you now have too.


Ask any professional body builder or actor in the movie 300, you can lift all day long, but if your diet is weak-sauce you're body will follow suit.


Focus your ATTENTION: Work Smarter, not Harder. If you're a young or old athlete, gym hobbiest, or just a hard-gainer, there is a method to the maddness. Let us help you!




Speed and endurance have nothing to do with how define your abs are, how many arm wrestling competitions you've won, or how good you look tanning on the beach.


You're an athlete. You train hard. You work hard. You're not afraid to be active and dig deep. Let us help you get the MOST out of your exercise and training by getting the perfect balance of Nutrition for your body.


To keep your energy high, while keeping your body fat percentage low, takes a certain formula. It's not near enough to just add extra carbohydrates before you train and extra protein after you cool down.

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