"My body is a direct result of my knowledge and choices"




I love food. I LOVE food. I come from an Italian background where food equals happiness, so I am a strong believer that balance is everything! You won't ever see me turn down a fresh homemade cannoli... with that being said, you also won't see me eating sugary cereal for breakfast, giant plates of pasta for dinner, or asking for extra dressing on my salad.


I have never been one of those people that could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound... I LOOK the way I do and FEEL the way  do because I have learned what it means to eat healthy. My body is a direct result of my knowledge and choices.


I have worked with other Nutritionists, and was disappointed many times when their advice was to simply "eat more vegetables and cut out more carbs." I've seen weight loss meal plans that would make you 'lose weight quickly,' but consisted of nothing more than boiled chicken and steamed broccoli 4 times a day... NO THANK YOU!


I remember thinking everytime I came across a weightloss commercial, diet pill advertisement, or no-carb cookbooks, WHY ON EARTH ARE PEOPLE INVESTING SO MUCH EFFORT AND MONEY INTO SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE THEM FAIL TIME AND TIME AGAIN?!  I realized it's because we want so badly to be lean and healthy but have no idea why or how to achieve long lasting results.

I know both why AND how to get health and weight in perfect balance and it's that understanding and passion that has become the heart of RELAX Health & Fitness LLC.


My tough-love but honest spiel on Weight Loss


You want to lose weight... Your loved ones want you to lose weight... Your doctor wants you to lose weight... Whether you know it or not, if you're at all overweight, your entire body is begging you to shed the pounds. You work hard and so you want to treat yourself, but let's be honest, you're not doing yourself any favors by allowing your health to slip and your waistline to grow.

If you don't think anyone notices the excess weight... they do. I want to help you learn what your body really needs and I guarentee you will find a healthier, happier YOU through your wellness journey.